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NEW YORK, NY, DECEMBER 7, 2016 – On Thursday, January 5th at 10:00p.m. ET/PT WE tv invites viewers to join paranormal ghost hunting team, the O.P.O (Official Paranormal Operations) as they investigate some of the most haunted places in Los Angeles in its newest docu-series…Ghosts in the Hood. The O.P.O., goes where other ghost hunters won’t dare; from the LBC to Altadena, to solve client’s strangest and unexplained supernatural phenomena. Along with bringing the most out-of-the-box investigating techniques and custom-made ghost hunting tools; the O.P.O. carries with them their own unique sense of style and comic relief because nothing conquers fear better than humor.

Throughout the series, the O.P.O. investigates the unknown, solving cases ranging from a spirit-plagued Piñata shop, to a grocery store afflicted by the practice of Santa Muerte, to a bar whose unexplained hauntings has guests and workers refusing to enter. Working to solve two cases an episode, the team has a lot of ground to cover and spookiness to uncover, which is why each individual has a specific role to play. Deficio Stoglin, the CEO of the O.P.O., created the team to bring peace of mind to his clients and restore their businesses and homes. Jasmine Orpilla, the team’s medium, communicates with departed spirits to understand whether their intentions are benign or malevolent. Dave Purdy is the technical expert of the team, who creates ghost-hunting gadgets that deliver results. Maunda Oyin is the group’s chief researcher who scopes the neighborhoods for histories of hauntings. Lastly there is Matty Richards, long-time friend of Deficio, who helps the team with research and most importantly, much-needed humor.

In the first episode, the O.P.O. takes to the streets of Compton to investigate Adam’s Mortuary, a drive-thru funeral home, which is losing business due to rumors of its hauntings. The next case takes the group to Hollywood to investigate a hoarder’s home where something cursed is causing strange dreams. Can the O.P.O. work together to fight through their own fear in order to exorcise the evil? Will the team be able to bring peace of mind to those haunted? Tune-in to this season of “Ghosts in the Hood,” to find out!

Meet O.P.O.:

Defecio Stoglin – The CEO of O.P.O., Defecio was compelled by his passion for the paranormal, and founded and created Official Paranormal Operations to help out everyday people who are dealing problems of the supernatural kind.  With his a keen and eager eye for investigating. Defecio tries to bring peace of mind to his clients.       

Jasmine Orpilla – A verified medium, Jasmine comes to speak to the departed spirits that inhabit the haunted sites investigatesd by O.P.O. Jasmine has been communicating with spirits for quite a number of years and as a result, has honed and developed her contact skills to the other side.

Dave Purdy – The technical expert for O.P.O., Dave has a passion for all things technical and knack for building his own gear. He builds and creates the gear used to collect evidence of paranormal activity for clients, and he is the lead on revealing the found evidence once the investigation is over. His love for the paranormal and talent for creating innovative technologies makes him the perfect tech expert for O.P.O.

Matty Richards – A family friend of Defecio from New York, Matty is also a budding comedian and actor, providing much needed comic relief for the group, as well as being O.P.O.’s resident scaredy cat. Although he has no previous ghost hunting skills, he is currently learning the ins and outs to help O.P.O. any way he can.

Maunda Oyin – As the group’s chief researcher, Maunda does anything she can to supply context for the frightening situations the crew is about to head into. Using her naturally inquisitive mind, Maunda digs into the history of every haunting, going to libraries, records offices, even traveling door-to-door in the neighborhoods where they’re investigating to maximize O.P.O.’s chances of discovering information useful to their case.

“Ghosts in the Hood” is produced for WE tv by Gurney Productions and executive produced by Scott Gurney and Deirdre Gurney. Mike Odair and Todd Hurvitz also executive produce. In-house executive producers for WE tv are Lauren Gellert, David Stefanou and Sitarah Pendelton-Eaglin.

With signature shows like “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars,” “Growing Up Hip Hop,” “Million Dollar Matchmaker,” and “Money. Power. Respect.” WE tv is the #1 cable network for African American women and adults on Thursday nights.

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