At fuse, Even the Scaffold is Snarky

Leave it to those edge-pushing guerilla marketers at fuse to make the erection of a simple construction scaffold a cause for smart brand messaging.

Seems the uber hot music net’s studio is getting a top-secret, mega-bucks face-lift, one that is presently hidden by a round-the-block, story-high scaffold. Naturally, those snarksters at fuse are taking advantage of their high-traffic Penn Station location to shock, amaze and peak the interest of consumers, with a series of humorous slogans that change every week.

“Face Lifts – They’re Not Just for People in Hollywood” was an early entry that gave New Yorkers a chuckle this past month. Our favorite is the snazzy current – “I Would Take My Scaffolding Down, But I’m Not Wearing Anything Underneath!”

Knowing how this network does things, the new street-front makeover, which is slated to debut in early 2006, will be a head-turner!

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