Bravo Networks New Media Expands Broadband Availability To More Than 750,000 Subscribers

Bravo Networks New Media Division announced today that its Broadband service is now available to 750,000 homes nationwide. The announcement was made by Joe Cantwell, Executive Vice President, New Media, Bravo Networks, who attributed the increase to the robust growth in the cable modem business among its Cablevision, Comcast and Road Runner affiliates.

In addition to providing live coverage of major national and international film festivals, such as the 53rd Annual Cannes International Film Festival, IFC Broadband offers exclusive, high-quality short films on-demand via Broadband Theater, a multi-platform service created and designed to cater to a wide variety of film fans. The service has recently expanded due to a new partnership with Mr. Mudd, the production company formed by John Malkovich, Russ Smith and Lianne Halfon, which will produce short films exclusively for IFC’s Broadband Theater on-air and online.

Bravo’s Broadband site brings arts, technology and education to the next level through Bravo in the Classroom, allowing instructors to incorporate technological innovations to the classroom at an unprecedented level via the Road Runner Broadband service, and other high-speed suppliers.

Bravo Networks New Media Division is dedicated to extending the company’s brands across new technology platforms, creating consumer digital media services, and exploring strategic alliances and acquisitions in domestic and international markets. The interactive unit is currently comprised of web sites, and high-speed Broadband online services for Bravo, IFC and e-zine



Adam Weinstein