Bravo Networks New Media To Participate In Panel Discussion At “C2K,” NCTA’s 2000 Cable Show

Joseph Cantwell, Executive Vice President, New Media, Bravo Networks, will join John Skipper, ESPN Internet Group; Sharleen Smith, Oxygen Media and Bahns Stanley, The Weather Channel as a panelist for the Fey Rey and King Com: From Television to the Internet panel at the NCTA on Tuesday, May 9 from 11:00 AM to 12:15 PM at Room #344. Bravo Networks New Media division will be among the leading networks present at the show to discuss their foray into developing online content and the challenges that lie ahead.

“The onset of new and innovative technologies promises exciting change in all aspects of the entertainment industry,” says Cantwell. “I am looking forward to this panel where the opportunity for integration of new technologies with television will be confronted.”

The panel will focus on the challenges faced by networks to capture and maintain the attention of target audiences in the respective niche markets and provide timely content for these audiences through the web. It will also discuss proven techniques for cross-promotion between the networks and their respective web sites.

Bravo Networks New Media Division is dedicated to extending the company’s brands across new technology platforms, creating consumer digital media services, and exploring strategic alliances and acquisitions in domestic and international markets. The interactive unit is currently comprised of web sites, and high-speed Broadband online services for Bravo, IFC and e-zine Bravo Networks New Media is available to 750,000 homes nationwide.



Adam Weinstein