Daring Women Take X-Treme Measures as WE: Women’s Entertainment Pushes The Limits With ‘Winning Women’ Premiering January 27

Female X-Treme Sports Special To Be Hosted By Alexandra Paul

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, November 29, 2000 — What does it take to hang from a sheer rock face with bare hands, shoot the curl of a 15-foot face, or bounce over chaotic water rapids? WE: WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT aims to find out as the network takes viewers on a high-energy challenge course with WINNING WOMEN, a one-hour original special highlighting the accomplishments of daring women in the competitive world of extreme sports. Hosted by actress, and extreme sports competitor, Alexandra Paul (“Melrose Place“, “Baywatch“), this adventurous special debuts January 27 at 8:00 PM (ET).

Female competitors in extreme sports are among the finest athletes in the world, and now, more than ever before, they are competing at equal and superior levels with their male counterparts. WINNING WOMEN spotlights top female athletes including skateboarder Tara Dakides, world-class snowboarder
Cara-Beth Burnside, Olympic Silver Medalist and tri-athlete Michellie Jones and rock climber Tiffany Campbell, among others.

The special gives viewers in-your-face action by focusing on the amazing stories of seven exceptional women; heroines who not only excel physically, but who have made it their life’s work to contribute to the advancement of women’s
athletics. WINNING WOMEN highlights their individual journeys to excellence.

WINNING WOMEN is produced by M.N.M/Ice Age Productions Inc. in association with WE: WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT and NewStar Worldwide. Ron Ziskin serves as Executive Producer of the series. Jeff Eisenberg is Executive Producer for the network.

WE: WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT is a service of AMC Networks which includes American Movie Classics, the premier movie network featuring
award-winning original productions and American Pop!, the first digital entertainment network to offer unified content for the web and digital cable platforms. WE: WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT features a mix of popular films, original series and topical specials all relating to women.


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