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Documentary Series “Single In The Hamptons” Kicks Off the Summer Season on WE: Women’s Entertainment

Reality Series Profiles The Summer Retreat Of Celebrities Including Sean "P-Diddy" Combs, Christie Brinkley, Jerry Seinfeld, Jennifer Lopez, Sisqo, Vera Wang and Kelsey Grammer

Series Premieres June 2 at 10PM ET/PT

Jericho, NY, May 8, 2002 – WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT lifts the lid on America's most exclusive, most talked-about and most outrageous holiday resort with the premiere of the documentary series SINGLE IN THE HAMPTONS. From celebrity-studded poolside soirees to all-nighters at trendy clubs to beach blanket banter on South Hamptons toniest beaches, SINGLE IN THE HAMPTONS takes viewers behind the scenes of New York's wealthiest and wildest summer hot spot. The four-part series will air Sundays in June beginning June 2 at 10pm ET/PT.

With an in-depth look at the sometimes scandalous but always spicy scene, the series offers an exclusive view into the lives of Hamptons regulars, residents and celebrities including Jerry Seinfeld and Jessica Sklar, Christie Brinkley, Kelsey Grammar and Camille Donatacci, music elite Jennifer Lopez, P-Diddy and Sisqo, fashion designers Vera Wang and Randolph Duke and New York socialites and A-listers.

In addition to celebrity sightings at polo matches and after-hours parties, SINGLE IN THE HAMPTONS will document the real-life dating experiences of young Manhattanites, exposing the realities of the east end summer dating scene. The cameras will follow these young singles from Memorial Day to Labor Day on their summer-long quest for true love, a rich husband, a good time and everything in between.

Meet the following cast of players featured in SINGLE IN THE HAMPTONS :

Andrew Sasson – Hipsters and jetsetters flock to the Hamptons trendiest clubs, Jet East and Conscious Point owned by the ambitious young entrepreneur, Andrew Sasson. When Andrew isn't schmoozing and troubleshooting at his establishments, he is relaxing with friends and family in his newly constructed two million dollar summer home.

Patrick McMullan – Whether hob-nobbing at star-studded soirees or photographing the who's who of the Hamptons party circuit, a party isn't a party in the Hamptons without uber-photographer, Patrick McMullan.

Marjorie Gubelmann – Socialite and heiress Marjorie Gubelmann attends and plans events with panache and prestige, whether it be entertaining her established social circle of friends in her elegant beach house or enjoying the polo matches. Marjorie also has the luxury of beating Friday traffic, preferring the 18-minute ride in her private helicopter.

Daniel Reton – Out-of-work actor Daniel Reton spends his time and energies working to find an empty bed in Hamptons share houses while chasing after as many women as possible. This fast-talking camera-ham flaunts his body and his no-holds-barred tricks for picking up women.

Susie Redstone – A thirty-something beauty/fashion journalist, Susie spends the summer designing ways to avoid her overcrowded house by splurging on a hotel and crashing at her friend's luxurious mansion. Constantly on the lookout for a mate, Susie has a run-in with an ex-boyfriend with whom she attempts to rekindle a relationship.

Ivan Wilzig – Millionaire playboy, Ivan Wilzig boasts about his "open" relationship with exotic girlfriend, Minn, and invites the cameras into his ostentatious mansion, "The Castle." When away from his own at-home "club" where he hosts raucous extravaganzas, Ivan can be found party-hopping throughout the Hamptons.

SINGLE IN THE HAMPTONS is produced by London-based independent film and television production company September International. Jeff Eisenberg is Executive Producer for WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT.

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