fuse Delivers The Dumbest Show On Television! "Pants-Off Dance-Off" Has America Shedding Their Clothes

Former Full House Child Star Jodie Sweeten Signs On For "Best Of" Episodes

Show Airs Every Tuesday – Saturday at 10:00pm (ET)

New York, NY (June 05, 2006) – According to New York Magazine, fuse, the nation's only viewer-influenced, music television network has uncovered one of the most "brilliant and lowbrow" shows on the air, "Pants-Off Dance-Off," the first audience interactive dance/game show on TV. Initially premiering on April 18th, "Pants-Off Dance-Off" has been picked up for a total of 30 new episodes. In fact, the overwhelming response to "Pants-Off Dance-Off" has inspired rival MTV to jump on the dance-a-thon bandwagon with an upcoming copycat dance competition pilot featuring Sean "Diddy" Combs.

"Pants-Off Dance-Off," is soaring to new heights and was dubbed by TV Guide as the "dumbest show on television." The show features dancers of all shapes and sizes: school teachers, little people, senior citizens and housewives, strutting their stuff and shedding their clothes to the tune of their favorite music videos. Night after night, contestants shake, jiggle and waddle down to their birthday suits, simply for the thrill of it and the chance to win cold hard cash prizes.

The show, which combines humor, exhibitionism and rump-shaking music, is turning viewers around the country into voyeurs. Every Tuesday through Friday at 10pm (ET), five contestants shed their inhibitions, their clothes and sometimes, a little dignity in front of a nation of gawkers. The show features SMS texting applications allowing viewers to vote online at www.fuse.tv/pants or via text for their favorite dancer. The winner of each night's competition moves onto Saturday night's ultimate, undisputed, "PANTS-OFF competition."

After the show, fans can log onto www.fuse.tv/pants to see EVEN MORE of their favorite contestants, if you catch our drift, while watching previous winners/losers. The site also encourages viewers to cast their vote for the all-time-champ/all-time-chump. fuse.tv tracks the winners from each broadcast and allows fans to chat and post on the message board. And, for the bold and beautiful, an audition form is available for would-be contestants.

"In the short time 'Pants-Off Dance-Off' has been on the air, we've found people lining up to be on the show," remarked Catherine Mullen, EVP and General Manager of fuse. "It's a show for the everyman–were viewers can enjoy a moment of fame?they just need to pick their favorite video and show up. Anyone can be a dance champion on 'Pants-Off Dance-Off'- it doesn't matter if you a swimsuit model or a sanitation worker."

Incorporating the pop-up-video concept with commentary and tidbits about the contestants, tune in to find out what the dancer was in his/her former life, where their favorite place is to dance in the buff and what they'll do with the money if they win the PANTS-OFF on Saturday night. A new, raucous round of "Pants-Off Dance-Off" premieres every Tuesday at 10pm ET as part of the "fuseday tuesday" programming block. For more information, get naked and log onto: www.fuse.tv/pants .

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