“Hidden Hollywood III: Return To The 20th Century Fox Vaults” Premieres Tuesday, March 6 On American Movie Classics

Lost W.C. Fields film to be featured

JERICHO, N.Y., February 15, 2001 – As part of its on-going mission to raise awareness about the need for film preservation, AMERICAN MOVIE CLASSICS presents an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at lost film treasures rediscovered, restored and seen for the first time ever in the original one-hour special, HIDDEN HOLLYWOOD III: RETURN TO THE 20th CENTURY FOX VAULTS. Airing on Tuesday, March 6 at 10:00 PM (ET) and narrated by Joan Collins, HIDDEN HOLLYWOOD III unearths rare deleted scenes, unedited dailies, alternate takes and other extraordinary footage.

The centerpiece of HIDDEN HOLLYWOOD III is the restored version of a deleted 13-minute sequence from the 1942 W.C. Fields film, TALES OF MANHATTAN. The segment features outtakes of Fields improvising scenes – and cracking up co-stars Margaret Dumont and Phil Silvers. The sequence was included in the first cut of the film, to rave reviews from critics who saw previews, but was deleted from the final version to shorten the film’s running time.
Other highlights include exuberant musical and dance numbers from such classic films as TIN PAN ALLEY featuring the Nicholas Brothers, CAF