IFC and IFC Films Present World Television Premieres of Critically Acclaimed Documentaries on IFC's Reality Night Thursday, January 22

Titles include Lost in La Mancha, Keep the River on Your Right and Go Tigers!

On Thursday, January 8, The Independent Film Channel (IFC) and IFC Films will, once again, join forces to showcase a series of documentaries that focus on the breadth of the human experience. Each documentary, released theatrically by IFC's sister company IFC Films, deal with the spectrum of real-life challenge and disappointment, dedication and fanaticism, eccentricity and obscurity, with an unparalleled authenticity and grace.

The evening will be hosted by Academy Award-winning director Kevin McDonald (One Day in September) on the eve of the theatrical premiere of his highly anticipated documentary, Touching the Void (released by IFC Films). As an additional bonus, viewers will also be treated to an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look into the making ofTouching the Void throughout the course of the escape into reality.

The line-up for IFC's Reality Night is as follows:

Lost in La Mancha – 8:00PM/ET (World Television Premiere) With Johnny Depp cast in the starring role, visionary filmmaker Terry Gilliam embarks on the "impossible dream" – a quest to make a film of the tale of Don Quixote. This doc follows the very determined Gilliam as he dives headfirst into the production – and falls flat on his face. With only part of the financing in place, the quixotic Gilliam is inundated by one unbelievable catastrophe after another, and the entire doomed production is shut down after only six days of shooting.

SPECIAL PRESENTATION The Making of IFC Films' Touching the Void – 9:45PM & 11:30PM/ET

Keep the River on Your Right – 10:15PM/ET (World Television Premiere) In 1955 New York artist Tobias Schneebaum disappeared into the depth of the Peruvian Amazon. He had no guide, no map and only the vaguest of instructions: Keep the river on your right. A year later, Schneebaum emerged from the jungle a modern day cannibal. Titled after his 1969 memoir, the film recounts Schneebaum's return to the jungle 45 years after his original visit to reunite him with the tribesman he both loved and who gave him nightmares for nearly half a century.

Go Tigers – 12:00AM/ET (World Television Premiere) Welcome to Massillon, Ohio, where high school football is nothing short of religion. For the 33,000 people who live there, football is life – a veritable "cradle to the grave" experience that begins in the maternity ward where coaches make visits to scout future linebackers, and ends in a customized football casket emblazoned with the Tigers mascot. Facing increased taxes and budget cuts the football program is in danger of being eliminated and the town's future rests on the shoulders of three team co-captains. With just three days before the crucial vote is to take place, the Tigers face the biggest game of their lives.

A Brief History of Errol Morris – 2:15AM/ET This original IFC documentary, directed by Academy award winner Kevin MacDonald, takes a journey through the mind of madman, scholar, humorist and documentarian Errol Morris. The film features interviews with Morris' contemporaries and fellow visionaries such as composer Philip Glass, scientist/author Stephen Hawking, singer/songwriter Tom Waits and filmmaker Werner Herzog.

"Our relationship with IFC Films, and their vast theatrical film catalog, is an unique and added resource which provides the network with some of the best independent content available and helps ensure that we continue to offer a stellar array of on-air programming for the home viewer," stated Ed Carroll, IFC Executive Vice President and General Manager. "IFC is an important resource that provides some of IFC's most compelling content and these are several of the best documentaries produced in recent years."

The Independent Film Channel (IFC) is the first and most widely distributed channel dedicated to independent film 24 hours a day, uncut and commercial free. IFC continues to expand its programming lineup with original series and independent genre-focused specials. The network's recent, critically acclaimed series and specials include Dinner For Five, BaadAsssss Cinema, The American Nightmare, Indie Sex: Taboos and A Decade Under the Influence.

IFC Television is a part of IFC Companies, which has created a unique end-to-end business model and brand that focuses on developing and nurturing talent, and maximizing the value of independent film. With a television network, a film distribution and production unit, and a VOD service, IFC Companies represents the future of independent film. IFC Companies uses its unique position to broaden the independent film audience nationwide and to expand the opportunities for independent filmmakers. IFC Companies is a division of Rainbow Media Holdings LLC.

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