IFC Begins Production with Independent Film Stuntman Extraordinaire, Mike Jablonski

Production Underway with Jon Favreau, Luis Guzman and Sean Patrick Thomas

The Independent Film Channel (IFC) has commenced production in Los Angeles of a new image campaign featuring, Mike Jablonski, independent film stuntman extraordinaire desperate to get on independent film sets and demonstrate his skills (except of course there is very little need for stuntman in most independent films).

IFC has re-teamed with Hungry Man Productions to create and produce this new campaign. From Hungry Man Productions, Marcos Siega directed while Stephen Orent and Dan Duffy are executive producers. Caroline Bock, Senior Vice President Marketing for IFC, and Stuart Selig, Vice President On-Air and Video Promotions, are executives from IFC in charge of production. The playful parody will carry on the same humorous tradition as IFC