IFC IN THEATERS Raises Awareness for Autism in Conjunction With New Film, Snow Cake

Snow Cake Star Sigourney Weaver Introduces Film with Autism Message

April 4, 2007 – New York, New York – With Autism Awareness this month, IFC Entertainment announced today a special introduction to its IN THEATERS presentation of Snow Cake. The film joins the groundbreaking day and date distribution banner, IFC IN THEATERS, where it simultaneously premieres theatrically and nationally through the On Demand and Pay Per View platforms. Sigourney Weaver stars in the film and provided the introduction in an effort to raise awareness for autism, a disease estimated to occur in as many as 2 to 6 of every 1,000 individuals. As part of the promotion of the film, Weaver has also participated in creating customized cross channel spots for each IFC IN THEATER distributor. She mentions the providers by brand name and each logo appears at the end of the spot. These spots not only promote the film and its message of autism awareness but credit the distributor for making the film available. The announcement is made by IFC Entertainment's SVP of Sales and Business Development, Lisa Schwartz.

As IFC Entertainment approaches the one year anniversary of its day and date program, IN THEATERS remains the first and only film distribution label fully dedicated to the day and date concept and executing a broad multi-picture strategy. Maximizing the use of on Demand and Pay Per View technology, IFC has created the first centralized national art house for independent cinema, providing a strong voice to many critically acclaimed independent films. To date, IFC IN THEATERS has released over 30 films Day and Date. IFC will release Snow Cake on April 25.

"We're very excited about announcing Snow Cake as part of our IFC IN THEATERS initiative and are hopeful that the simultaneous release of the film with this timely introduction will help encourage autism awareness and understanding," said Lisa Schwartz, IFC Entertainment's SVP of Sales and New Business Development. "We are grateful to have had Sigourney Weaver introduce the film, not only because of her amazing portrayal as an autistic woman in the film, but also because of her unconditional support and commitment to this cause."

Snow Cake is a heartfelt story about how one man begins the process of healing at the hands of an autistic woman. Tight-lipped Englishman Alex Hughes (Alan Rickman) is traveling through Ontario when he picks up a young hitchhiker Vivienne(Emily Hampshire). Through a series of unfortunate events, Alex finds himself stranded on the outskirts of Wawa, Vivienne's hometown where he encounters her mother, Linda Freeman (Sigourney Weaver), and discovers that she is autistic. Alex slowly becomes increasingly involved in Linda's life and Linda in turn becomes attached – to the degree that she is emotionally capable – to Alex, and to what he can do for her. Through this journey, Alex confronts his past and both the sadness and anger that have built up within him.

Having devoted nearly a year to reading about and researching autism, Sigourney Weaver says she came away from her role having developed a deep respect for people with autism, as well as an admiration for the family and friends who demonstrate unconditional support and patience to their loved ones who are affected. "Although there is a temptation to generalize about the disease, I discovered that people with autism have a huge range of feelings and characteristics that are also very common to non-autistic human behavior." Weaver continued, "The ability to reach out and educate people about autism is something that is very personal to me, and together with this film, will hopefully alter people's perception of the disease as not just simply a disability."

Directed by filmmaker Marc Evans (House of America, My Little Eye, Resurrection Man), Snow Cake stars Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman and Carrie-Anne Moss. The screenplay was written by Angela Pell and is produced by Andrew Eaton with Gina Carter, Niv Fichman and Jessica Daniel. Snow Cake has been featured at the 2006 Berlin International Film Festival, 2006 Toronto International Film Festival, 2006 Seattle International Film Festival and 2006 TriBeCa Film Festival.

Autism is one of a group of disorders known as autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) which are developmental disabilities causing substantial impairments in social interaction and communication. Many people with ASDs also have unusual ways of learning, paying attention, and reacting to different sensations. ASDs occur in all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups and are four times more likely to occur in boys than in girls. Recent studies have shown that about 1 in 150 8-year-old children in multiple areas of the United States have an ASD.

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