IFC Launches “The Name Of This Film Is Dogme95” Web Component At www.ifctv.com

Original Film Premieres Exclusively on IFC on June 5

In support of IFC’s upcoming, original documentary, The Name of This Film Is Dogme95, IFC has designed a web component for its indie film site at www.ifctv.com to give viewers a behind-the-scenes account of the making of the film. Richard Kelly, noted film historian and author, set out to report on the production of this film, which aims to chronicle the Dogme95 (pronounced dtg’ muh) movement. The site features a photo gallery and commentary from Kelly on the production process. In his own words, “My brief is to seek out the chief suspects in the aesthetic crime of Dogme95, interrogate them face-to-face, and hammer out the truth from the lies in this unnerving and potentially hysterical case.” Web crawlers can find more of the same in Kelly’s diary entries posted to the site as the project progresses.

Dogme95 is a collective of film directors founded in Copenhagen in 1995 who adhere to a specific “system of principles or beliefs.” The principles denounce modern technology, gadgets, special effects and most importantly, the director as an auteur, in the filmmaking process. Viewers who want to know more about Dogme95 can log on to www.ifctv.com for more information and the filmmakers’ “Vows of Chastity.”

The Name of This Film is Dogme95 premieres exclusively on IFC, June 5 at 10:00PM/ET.


Ann Yershov