Seven Past Years’ Official Selections Are Now Available to Stream

 NEW YORK– August 25, 2016 – In partnership with the New York Television Festival (NYTVF) IFC announced that a curated selection of seven comedy projects from previous years’ Official Selections will be added today to the  Comedy Crib (www.ifc.com/comedy-crib), the network’s online hub for smart, short-form comedy.

The exclusive Comedy Crib collaboration will highlight the selected projects through the end of the year and will also place IFC and Comedy Crib at the upcoming 12th annual New York Television Festival, where they will be seeking additional projects for the platform. As an Official Digital Development Partner of the indie TV festival, IFC will identify at least one project as the winner of their COMEDY SELECTS opportunity, offering chosen producers a shot at further meetings at the network, a cash prize, and a featured spot on Comedy Crib. Indie producers selected as Official Artists for the 2016 New York Television Festival, which announced its full slate of in-competition projects last week, are exclusively eligible.

“We are thrilled to working along side NYTVF to showcase new comedic voices in the Comedy Crib,” said Christine Lubrano, SVP, Original Programming, IFC. “NYTVF continues to be a wonderful place for IFC to find emerging talent and projects to develop, furthering IFC’s commitment to smart, ‘slightly off’ comedy.”

IFC’s Comedy Crib selected the following NYTVF Official Selections, which are currently available to stream across IFC’s digital platforms.

Blackouts, created by Di Billick, Daniel Ennion, Joey Gilmore, Michael Grush, Toby McMullen, and Eric Richter, features lightning-fast sketches, ranging from silly to absurd, and offers surprises at every turn. Blackouts was a 2015 NYTVF Official Selection.

Croissant Man, created by Tulica Singh in Los Angeles, is a stop-motion animated story of a depressed Croissant trying to find meaning in the superficial world of Bourgeois pastries. Croissant Man was an Official Selection in the 2015 NYTVF.

Created by Logan Leikam and Chris Mast, Go, Bolivia, Go was a 2014 NYTVF Official Selection. Set in groovy 1968, the entry follows a psychologist and CIA operative, Tom Bolivia, who must thwart a nuclear threat to the American homeland. Now, if only he could distinguish the two professions effectively.

Jacques, created by Eric Gross and Kai Crouse, was an Official Selection in the 2014 NYTVF. The short-form situational comedy follows French foreign-exchange students Jacques Brossard and Jacques DuBois, along with their beret-wearing cat, Toulouse-Lautrec, as they vow to civilize their unruly American high school.

Created by Andy Zou and Jay Owen Eisenberg, Securocam 3000 was an Official Selection in the 2015 NYTVF.  In an absurd vision of the year 2222, Xander McGuff and Ace Johnson are two dopey state employees of their all-seeing, totalitarian, Big Brother government, tasked with the mundane job of monitoring the world’s security cameras.

This Old Thing was an Official Selection in the 2014 NYTVF. At the Rosewood Home for Assisted Living, an unlikely friendship is formed between the home’s newest drug-addicted caretaker and its manipulative, young, and seemingly healthy resident. This Old Thing was created by Caroline Fox and Daniel Obzejta.

Uninspired is a an Official Selection in the 2013 NYTVF. Created by Becky Yamamoto, Uninspired follows Sarah, a New York millennial, who is having problems coping with her inescapable adulthood.

Since launching over a year ago, the IFC Comedy Crib has showcased over 25 exclusive webseries, including content from partners Above Average, UCB Comedy and the Annoyance Theatre, as well as original series from both established and up-and-coming comedians. With even more webseries on the horizon for 2016, the popular IFC.com destination will give visitors an endless variety of off-kilter content to binge and share.

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