IFC’s New Season of “Split Screen” Kicks Off in FIJI Monday, September 4


The Independent Film Channel (IFC) announces a new season of Split Screen, hosted by indie-film guru John Pierson, beginning Monday, September 4 at 8:00PM/ET&PT with four all-new episodes. Beginning Monday, October 2, Split Screen changes gears and switches to a brand-new format, wherein Pierson will conduct in-depth interviews and probe New York based industry gurus who helped shape the New York film scene.

In the Fall 2000 season’s premiere on September 4, Pierson travels halfway around the globe in search of the world’s most remote movie theater-the 180 Meridian Cinema in the rain forest of Taveuni in the Fiji Islands. In what will likely be one of the series’ most memorable episodes, the Split Screen team shows the Fijians some independent films and explores their indigenous movie-watching rituals.

Starting October 2, Split Screen departs from its original magazine-style for 12 episodes of the show’s all-new format-a merger with the latest installment of Faber & Faber’s film book series Projections, dedicated to New York filmmaking. Split Screen will present 12 extended interviews with seminal directors, producers, screenwriters and executives who are featured in the book, set for publication in October. Among the cinematic luminaries who will be interviewed by Pierson at New York City’s Screening Room are Buck Henry (The Graduate), Wes Anderson (Rushmore), Walter Bernstein (The Front) and Christine Vachon (Boys Don’t Cry). In addition to the interviews, an in-depth sidebar entitled “The Oral Probe” will highlight one of the subject’s most discussed films. These visually stylish probes will feature eyewitness accounts of what shaped the film’s vision.

Split Screen has earned its reputation as perhaps one of the most intriguing, irreverent, thought-provoking, funny and fascinating shows found on TV today. Past episodes have included the very first look at the backstory and initial footage from The Blair Witch Project, Christopher Walken cooking “exploding shrimp,” Lars von Trier teaching the rules of Dogme, a version of Kids re-enacted by children’s toys, a meeting with the first two men to embody Godzilla and frequent visits from Kevin Smith.

The Independent Film Channel (IFC), managed and operated by Bravo Networks, is the first channel dedicated to independent film presented 24 hours a day, uncut and commercial-free.


Stephanie DeCanditis