“JonBenet: Who Killed The Pageant Queen””
Premiering on WE tv on Tuesday, Oct 24 at 10pm ET / 9pm CT / 7pm PT

The Detective on the Scene Looks Back, after 10 Years of Ongoing Investigation

New York, NY, October 9, 2006 – The world was shocked in 1996 by the mysterious death of American child-beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey, and the crime has never been solved. Just within the past few months, her mother has died and a man who claimed he was the murderer has been dismissed as delusional. So what really happened in the Ramsey house ten years ago? WE tv will seek to answer that lingering question with the one-hour documentary, JonBenet: Who Killed The Pageant Queen? premiering on Tuesday, October 24 at 10pm ET/ 9pm CT / 7pm PT.

Brutally murdered in her home on Christmas night, the police investigation and media immediately placed the guilt on the parents, John and Patsy. However, when a retired veteran homicide detective named Lou Smit was assigned the case, key evidence that had been overlooked was discovered. Smit was no ordinary detective – over a distinguished 32-year career, he solved more than 90 percent of his 200 cases. Smit’s initial take was the conventional one, that the parents must have been involved. But his relentless investigations drew him to an entirely different conclusion – that an intruder was the culprit. And now, Detective Smit takes the viewers inside the Ramsey house and reconstructs how this gruesome murder may have taken place.

The case drew new attention this summer when JonBenet’s mother Patsy succumbed to ovarian cancer, and a schoolteacher named John Mark Karr confessed to the horrific slaying. When DNA tests failed to corroborate his story, murder charges were dropped, although Karr is now standing trial for child pornography.

JonBenet: Who Killed The Pageant Queen? is produced by Mills Productions.

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