Love In The Oval Office Revealed on Classics

Original Series ‘Great Romances of the 20th Uncovers History’s Legendary First Couples During ‘Votes & Vows’ Week

BETHPAGE, NY, September 28, 2000 – Long before Al and Tipper’s
now-famous smooch, the White House was the setting for some of the greatest love stories in history. On Election Week beginning November 6, Romance Classics presents “Votes & Vows” a celebration of legendary love affairs of famous first couples, featuring five episodes of the network’s signature series “Great Romances of the 20th Century.” The episodes will focus on Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, John and Jacqueline Kennedy, Richard and Pat Nixon, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter and Ronald and Nancy Reagan. Through never-before-seen documentary footage, private films and personal testimonials, these episodes tell the story of relationships that withstood the test of time enduring public scrutiny, political pressure, victories and tragedies.

The “Votes and Vows” lineup is as follows:

Monday, November 6 – Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt
Following a magical first meeting, Eleanor was the woman who defined the role of America’s First Lady as she supported and cared for her husband during his political career, Presidency and long illness.

Tuesday, November 7 – John and Jacqueline Kennedy
JFK and Jackie will always be remembered as the King and Queen of Camelot. From their days in Hyannisport to that fateful day in Dallas, this episode relives their magical days, political and personal triumphs and ultimate tragedy.

Wednesday, November 8 – Pat and Richard Nixon
Throughout this Presidency and Richard Nixon’s traumatic resignation, Pat remained steadfast and loyal to her husband and proved their love was stronger than the political and personal turmoil they faced.

Thursday, November 9 – Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter
This humanitarian couple brought to the White House a gentle charm and warmth. Their marriage continued to flourish despite the tide of economic and political pressures sweeping the nation in the 70’s.

Friday, November 10 – Ronald and Nancy Reagan
A match made in Hollywood, Ronald and Nancy were a legendary First couple. Their deep affection for one another has always been obvious and unwavering, and is evident even more in their Golden Years as they cope together with his illness.

“Great Romances of the 20th Century” is produced by Nugus/Martin Productions, Ltd. for the BBC and Romance Classics. The series recounts legendary love affairs of prominent figures and contains Hollywood movie footage and candid personal films, the majority of which have not been shown before on television. The materials come from three personal Hollywood collections that are brought to the screen for the first time.

Romance Classics, a network from AMC, features popular movies and entertainment for women. The network’s programming lineup features original lifestyle and entertainment series, as well as biographies of inspiring women.


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