Metro Launches ‘Urban Indies’ Films With a New York Accent

New York, New York – May 25, 2001 – Following Metro’s successful New York Stories/Angelika Film Festival, the channel is launching a weekly series entitled Urban Indies – Films with a NY Accent. The series, premiering Friday, May 25th at 8PM on Metro, (Time Warner Cable: channel 70;Cablevision: channel 16), showcases independent shorts and features made in and about New York.

The series premieres with Emmanuel Crialese’s ONCE WE WERE STRANGERS, a charmingly unpredictable, romantic comedy about expectations and reality, dreams of love and money, and life when the timing is way off. Other films in the series include Ron Marazzo’s CUP OF COFFEE, a slice of Italian American life seen through the eyes of a nine-year old boy in the Bronx; Jerry LaMothe’s AMOUR INFINITY, a love drama that examines the trials and tribulations of a man living in an urban world in Brooklyn; and Vladan Nikolic’s sexy, stylish BURN, an explosive combination of the New York Art World and the Eastern European Underworld played out in downtown Manhattan.