Rainbow Media Implements Cablevision’s Advanced Advertising Applications With Zenith Media

Pillsbury Signs on for a Dedicated Interactive Advertiser Channel

New York, NY-February 22, 2010 Rainbow Media announced today that Zenith Media will become the first agency to utilize Cablevision’s suite of advanced and interactive television advertising applications on its New York area cable systems as part of AMC’s and WE tv’s 2009 upfront network buys. Last year’s upfront marked the first time Rainbow Media and its parent company Cablevision Systems Corp. (NYSE: CVC) offered this suite of products as part of national ad sales packages to agencies and advertisers purchasing inventory from Rainbow Media networks.

As part this agreement, Rainbow Media and Zenith will collaborate on a second quarter launch of a dedicated interactive video on demand (VOD) channel for Pillsbury.

"Rainbow is in the unique position to offer advertisers the opportunity to take advantage of Cablevision’s advanced and interactive technologies that increase both viewer engagement and effective measurement," said David Kline, president and COO for Rainbow Advertising Sales Corporation, Cablevision and Rainbow Media’s advertising sales unit. "By utilizing Cablevision’s advanced capabilities, Zenith is able to offer its clients the opportunity to reach consumers creatively, with highly relevant marketing messages. These messages are able to break through the clutter to offer a truly interactive brand experience, which encourages more engaged viewing."

Pillsbury will launch a dedicated advertiser channel that will allow for direct consumer access, total branding environment and an array of interactive and engagement features with the click of the remote control. The channel will feature long-form VOD content plus text and photos that consumers can access from the comfort of their living rooms.

In March of 2009, Rainbow Media and Cablevision announced that Cablevision’s suite of advanced and interactive advertising products and applications will be available to media buyers for the first time during the upfront. As a result of this collaboration, agencies and advertisers purchasing upfront inventory from Rainbow Media networks can now add interactive television applications on Cablevision’s systems, which reaches more than 3 million households in the New York area, to their buys. In addition to providing a creative, engaging and measurable advertising package, this enhanced buy provided marketers with access to the latest in advanced advertising, including addressable advertising, 24-hour VOD ad insertion and, interactive 30 second units (Power :30®) that take traditional television spots to the next level by using them to telescope consumers to branded VOD channels, submit requests for information (RFI) and much more.

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