Rainbow Media Press Advisory

Rainbow Media has completed a deal with The Cable Center to provide original programming content to The Center's Barco library, for the educational use of students, the cable industry, and the general public. The content includes:

IFC Originals: "A Decade Under the Influence," "BaadAsssss Cinema," "The American Nightmare" and "In The Company of Women"; and WE: Women's Entertainment's original series "When I Was A Girl."

This deal follows the Fall Film Festival Five, a series of free film screenings sponsored jointly by Rainbow Media and the Cable Center in Fall 2004, held at The Cable Center on the University of Denver's campus. The festival included: IFC Originals "Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession" and "Slasher;" the popular movie "The Shining" in HD format, presented by AMC; "Herodes Law," presented by World Picks on Demand; and WE: Women's Entertainment's original movie "Between Strangers."

Press Contacts

  • Jaime Saberito