Rainbow’s Networks Join Together to Celebrate ‘Women + Film’

AMC, Bravo, IFC, and WE: Women’s Entertainment to Provide Highly Targeted Audiences through Unprecedented Month Long Programming Event

Rainbow Media Holdings, Inc. announced today that four of its national networks, AMC, BRAVO, IFC, and WE: WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT will join together to create the company’s first multi-network programming initiative. The month-long celebration, entitled, “Women + Film,” will take place April 2003 and will celebrate the important and meaningful impact women have had in film. The event will feature a series of programs, specials, and movies on each of the Rainbow networks, with each network customizing programming blocks for their targeted audience. Rainbow and its networks are uniquely positioned for this event due its vast inventory of films, credibility and resources within the entertainment industry, and long-standing commitment to programming for women.

As part of the promotional strategy, Rainbow plans to partner with a select number of advertisers who will hold exclusive sponsorship to the cross network-programming event. Exclusive sponsors will receive inclusion in all on- and off-air promotion, including vignettes, tune-ins, national and local print and radio ads and sweepstakes.

“We believe the idea of a multi-network programming initiative like this will be a great benefit to our advertisers,” stated Arlene Manos, president of Rainbow National Networks Advertising Sales. “At a time when advertisers are seeking to maximize their budgets, bringing Rainbow’s networks together offers real targetability and quality of audience. ‘Women + Film‘ will provide our viewers with compelling themed programming which they will not be able to find in quite the same way anywhere else on television. We are very excited about bringing our networks together for the first time and believe it is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we can and will jointly offer to advertisers, viewers, and cable operators in the future.”

Each of the Rainbow’s four national networks specifically targets a highly desirable audience. These viewers are very loyal to their network. On average, 77% of each network’s adult audience does not view the other Rainbow networks (MRI, Fall 2001). This offers advertisers the ability to target specific demographic groups with little overlap. In addition, these four Rainbow networks have among the lowest levels of commercial time per hour in the television industry (AAAA, May/November 2001), providing advertisers with an uncluttered environment that enables them to get their message through to its targeted audience.

“BRAVO and IFC have a rich history of creating opportunities for women in film and showcasing their accomplishments. The “Women + Film” event will provide our diverse audience with an unparalleled opportunity to be entertained by great films and to explore the contribution of women to this field. Partnering with our sister networks on the issue of women in film will enable this television event to cover many facets of this important subject,” BRAVO Networks President Kathy Dore stated.

“Celebrating the achievements of women in film is a natural for both AMC and WE: WOMEN”S ENTERTAINMENT,” stated AMC Networks President Katie McEnroe. “AMC is home of the complete movie experience and has a rich history of showcasing movies and original programs that explore the incredible contributions of women in film. WE: WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT holds the largest collection of women’s interest films and offers unique opportunities for female filmmakers to produce and direct projects for the network. The groundbreaking achievements of women in film needs to be celebrated and we are happy to be a part of this partnership.”

Some of the highlights of the April 2003 Women + Film event will include the following:

  • AMC will dedicate two weekends during the month of April 2003 with a diverse blend of popular movies starring iconic leading ladies and contemporary movie stars, and a strong lineup of original programming that explores the incredible contributions women have made both behind and in front of the camera.

  • BRAVO, which consistently presents the smart entertainment mix of films, arts, and original programming, will showcase specific leading women on Inside the Actors Studio and Bravo Profiles over a week during April 2003 and couple these programs with the telecast of the actor’s signature film performances.

  • IFC, the first and most widely distributed channel dedicated to independent film, will present a series of ‘Chick Flicks’ in April 2003 with a strong focus highlighting the work of women directors, including the network premier of “Girlfight,” directed by Karyn Kusama and staring Michelle Rodriguez, which was produced by IFC Films.

  • With the largest collection of women’s interest films, presented under the banner of Cinematherapy, WE: WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT recognizes what women have known for years – movies are the best medicine. In April 2003, WE: WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT will present “Cinematherapy Week: Women and The Movies.” Each night, the network will showcase back-to-back films featuring leading female stars in some of their best roles.

For additional information on Rainbow Media’s ‘Women and Film’ event or to speak to an executive from AMC, BRAVO, IFC, or WE: WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT, please contact Matthew Frankel at (516) 803-5141.

Rainbow Media Holdings, Inc.
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