Redesigned IFCRant Unveiled – Asks Readers to be "As Independent As You Want To Be!"

Relaunch of the Definitive Magazine for The Independent Film Community Hits Newsstands Monday, June 23

"Indie Sex Siren" Chloe Sevigny Heats Up the July/August "Sexy Summer" Issue

With a new logo and overall design, a more consumer friendly look, an increased investment, but the same dedication to reporting the independent film scene, IFC Companies today unveiled the relaunch of IFCRant, which has grown to become the definitive magazine for the independent film community. Declaring its new tagline, "as independent as you want to be," the newly designed magazine will hit newsstands on Monday, June 23rd. IFCRant is a publication of The Independent Film Channel published bi-monthly in a co-venture with indieWIRE® (www.indiewire.com), who will continue to create all editorial and serve as the independent contract publisher of the magazine.

Featured in the new magazine is Oscar® and Golden Globe-nominated independent film ingénue Chloe Sevigny (Boys Don't Cry), who sizzles on the cover of the July/August "Sexy Summer" issue. Sevigny discusses her intense role in Vincent Gallo's much hyped and controversial film The Brown Bunny, which premiered at Cannes in May. She explains her involvement in the film's scandalous sex scene, "He's having a fantasy about me, and I perform the deed on him," she says. "I'm afraid people are going to get the wrong idea about it. It's very tender and it's not gratuitous. He's a great actor and a great filmmaker, I knew it would be well done. I've known him since I was 17…we were intimate when I was younger a little bit, so I feel so comfortable with him. I could trust him 100 percent."

Since 1994, IFC Companies has become the foremost respected name in independent filmmaking, uniquely launching a television network, creating a film production and distribution unit, and developing a video on demand service all focused on expanding opportunities for independent filmmakers and broadening the audience of independent films. The magazine, which originally launched in the Spring of 2000 to add a solid and credible print product to IFC's multi-tiered approach, has been redesigned by New York City-based design firm SMOKE, led by Nicholas Felton and Bob Moses, and is part of an on going project to continue adding new dimension and outreach to the IFC brand. The magazine, with a circulation of more than 150,000 per issue, will be distributed nationwide to independent bookstores, superstores such as Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Virgin Megastore, newsstands, theaters, film festivals and on the Delta and US Air Shuttles.

"IFC has steadily grown to become an important source for support and content within the independent film community," stated Caroline Bock, IFC's Senior Vice President of Marketing. "IFC has helped blaze the trail in helping to broaden the independent film audience, reaching millions of upscale highly educated television viewers and film lovers, through our television network and our films. We believe that IFCRant gives us another powerful outlet to tap into the passion people have for independent film making."

Eugene Hernandez, indieWIRE Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, stated, "Combining the expertise, resources, and industry credibility of IFC and indieWIRE provides us with the opportunity to create an unparalleled magazine that captures and reports on the unique spirit of independent films. IFCRant is focused on broadening the indie audience and showcasing this cutting-edge film movement, but we do it in a popular style that goes beyond the typically hard-edged film journals. We feel confident that IFCRant will continue to fill a need in the market and be warmly welcomed by even more readers and advertisers."

In addition to the redesign, the following details some of the new features highlighted in the relaunch include:

  • Our Takes: Editors Eugene Hernandez and Wendy Mitchell provide IFCRant's take and insider recommendations on DVDs, soundtracks, books and films in theaters.

  • Futures: Spotlighting emerging actors or directors, the July/August column features the young actors from IFC Films' Camp, premiering this August; Cillian Murphy (28 Days Later); and Ludivine Sagnier (Swimming Pool).

  • Rant List: Editors and writers of IFCRant express their views on the current issue's theme. The July/August topic is "You Sexy Thang" featuring actors who emote sex, which includes Ewan McGregor (Down with Love), Salma Hayek (Frida) and Rosario Dawson (25th Hour), among others.

  • First look: A snap shot at an upcoming film in production, the next issue previews Rick starring Bill Pullman (Igby Goes Down) and Aaron Stanford (Tadpole).

  • Previews/Calendar: The expanded section provides the inside scoop on upcoming films, release dates for DVDs, books, soundtracks, plus key film events including festivals, award shows and retrospectives.

  • Features: Highlighting upcoming films, filmmakers and trends, July/August will include "Hotter than Hollywood, " a look at the sexy cinema moments that have defined indie films since 1989; "Very Dangerous Liaisons," probing the world of porn star John Holmes as seen in the forthcoming Wonderland; and "Apocalypse Wow," a conversation with auteur Danny Boyle (Trainspotting) about his latest film 28 Days Later.

  • Indie Icon: Profiling established indie stalwarts; the new section will discuss current or future projects and also take a look back at their career. High Fidelity and Dangerous Liaisons director Stephen Frears is featured in the upcoming issue; he also talks about his new film Dirty Pretty Things.

  • Last Rant: In July/August, Chinese born actress Bai Ling (Red Corner and Wild, Wild West) opines -on filming love scenes and the chemistry (or lack of) between actors.

The relaunch will debut as a bi-monthly with its July/August edition and will feature sponsoring partners of IFC including Volkswagen, Bombay Sapphire, and Sapporo Beer. It will cost $1.99 on the newsstand.

About IFCRant
IFCRant magazine is about discovery. As passionate experts on independent film, new faces, films and trends are found, the IFCRant editors serve as tastemakers who filter the overwhelming number of independent films to find the most exciting new personalities and movies. By offering more in-depth access to the world of independent film – whether it's discovering up-and-coming actors and directors or finding an unexpected side of a famous face — IFCRant offers a passionate and informed look at contemporary independent cinema. IFCRant the Magazine is a publication of IFC Companies published bi-monthly in a co-venture with indieWIRE.

About IFC Companies
IFC Companies has created a unique end-to-end business model and brand that focuses on developing and nurturing talent, and maximizing the value of independent film. With a television network, a film distribution and production unit, and a VOD service, IFC Companies represents the future of independent film. IFC Companies uses its unique position to broaden the independent film audience nationwide and to expand the opportunities for independent filmmakers. IFC Companies is a division of Rainbow Media Holdings, Inc.

IFC Companies is made up of:
IFC Television, the first and most widely distributed channel dedicated to independent film 24 hours a day, uncut and commercial-free.
IFC Entertainment, which includes IFC Films, a theatrical film distribution company; IFC Productions, a feature film production company; and InDigEnt, an initiative that helps established filmmakers shoot productions on digital video.
IFC Digital Media, harnesses the power of digital technology to provide audiences with active entertainment, informational, and transactional experiences. It is currently focused on packaging, delivering, and marketing video-on-demand services and broadband content.

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