Romance Classics Presents The World Premiere Of ‘The Misadventures Of Margaret’ Starring Parker Posey And Brooke Shields On June 17

BETHPAGE, NY April 28, 2000 – ROMANCE CLASSICS presents the world premiere of The Misadventures of Margaret, a romantic comedy starring Parker Posey, Brooke Shields, Jeremy Northam and Elizabeth McGovern. The film will premiere Saturday, June 17 at 9:00 PM (ET).

Margaret Nathan (Parker Posey) is a disenchanted woman who finds a new lease on life through a seductive 18th Century French diary. Set in two time periods – contemporary Manhattan and the 18th Century French countryside, Margaret writes the adaptation of the diary into a novel. Becoming immersed in her writing, she begins to question her marriage as well as her philosophy on life. When she suspects her husband (Jeremy Northam) of infidelity, she turns to her sister (Elizabeth McGovern) and her best friend (Brooke Shields) for comfort, adventure and a new outlook on life.

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