Sports, Smarts & Sappho are “In” for Big Apple Gals…

Derek Jeter, Jon Stewart & Angelina Jolie (!)

Are The Fave Fantasy Lovemates of NYC Women

According to Mag Rack’s “What Your Pleasure” Survey

Pleasure Poll of 1,000 Big Apple Femmes from Five Boroughs Finds:

  • Manhattan & Brooklyn Studs Are Supremo, Staten & Long Islanders Duds
  • Demi Moore’s “Get ‘Em Young” Philosophy Is The Preferred “Celeb Model” for Dealing with Guys, Jessica Simpson’s “Save It for Marriage” Stance is Pass?
  • 68% Are Very Happy With Their Present Partners, 53% Confess To Still Fantasizing About Their Ex While Snuggling With Their Current Beau!
  • Bad Shoes Are O.K., But Bad Hygiene A No-No When It Comes to “Deal-Breakers”
  • Firemen, Musicians & Pizza Delivery Boys Are The Regular Joes They’d Turn To Light A Fire In Their Sexy Dreams
  • Michael’s Tyson & Moore, The Donald, Diddy & Mayor Mike Are The Celebs They’d Least Like To Have Crashin’ Their Sexy Dreams!

New York, N.Y., September 19, 2005 – Summer may be ending but things are still steamy for Big Apple women. To celebrate the launch of its new TV series dedicated to women and their pleasure, Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, the Mag Rack network surveyed 1,000 women to find out just who and what flames or extinguishes their fantasies and desires. Here are the results:

  • Which Celeb Would They Like Co-Starring In Their Nasty Dreams? – New York women say “damn the supermodels and full steam ahead” with their dreams of bedding Yankee superstar Derek Jeter (11%). Right behind the shortstop is brainy shorty Daily Show host Jon Stewart (10%). Watch out, Mr. Pitt as many Gotham women would cross the great divide in their dreams to be with your lush-lipped paramour Angelina Jolie (9%). Other hotties doing good-bad things in the dreams of the 1,000 Big Apple femmes? – Entourage star Adrian Grenier (8%), ex-SNLer Jimmy Fallon (7%), actor Josh Harnett (6%) and two Italian stallions, ex-Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Drew Barrymore beau, Strokes’ drummer Fabrizio Morretti (tied with 5%).
  • The Celeb Who Best Embodies Your Approach to the Opposite Sex? – According to Mag Rack’s survey, Big Apple girls just want to have fun, preferably with younger guys. A resounding 38% said “I’m A Demi Moore type – not afraid to go younger,” while 26% said “I’m A Sex and the City Samantha Jones – anything and anyone for the fun of it.” The Angelina factor was at play again for the bad-girl 19% who said “I’m An Angelina Jolie type – will only take lovers from their wives.” Curiously, power and bucks don’t seem to be apple of these girls’ eyes. Only 15% of the respondents stated “I’m A Melanie Trump-go for the bucks and power first, no matter the age or hairstyle.” Virginity is definitely also out in NYC, with only 9% polling “I’m A Jessica Simpson – no lover until marriage.”
  • How Masterful At Pleasure Is Your Present Partner? – Feel that happiness in the air? It could be because a whopping 68% of Big Apple women say they are “very happy” with the men presently snuggling under their bed sheets. Unfortunately, the rest are only either “mildly pleased” (22%) or state “sadly, I’m going out of my mind with this guy!” (10%)
  • Ever Fantasize About Your Ex? – More than half (53%) of NYC women can’t leave the past in the past and fantasize about their ex…while in bed with their present partner.
  • Deal Breakers for Women? – NYC women are pretty clear about their men being squeaky clean – 36% saying “bad hygiene” is the biggest deal-breaker in a relationship. Other things that can send a guy flying out of their hearts? – “whiplash from staring at other girls” (17%), “inability to make advance plans for a date” (14%), “talking about how much money he earns” (13%), “excessive name-dropping” (12%), “bad shoes” (8%).
  • Compliments That Connect? – When it comes to throwing compliments at women, stick with the classic – beauty before all. A whopping 41% of women surveyed said being told “you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen” is what rings their bell loudest. Being told “you’re an incredible lover” is the fave rave for 29%, while 14% prefer to be told “you’re a great worker and deserve a fat raise.” For all the Jimmy Choo chatter, interest in a woman’s shoes doesn’t make her heart flutter. Only 14% said being told “you’re wearing an incredibly sexy pair of shoes” is what they most want to hear from a man.
  • Hoots from Construction Workers – Hot or Not? – Definitely not cool for 65% of the women surveyed by Mag Rack.
  • Which Slice of the Big Apple Has the Best Lovers? – Manhattan fellows are kings of the tri-state area bedmates, garnering an awe-inspiring 41% of Mag Rack’s gal-tally. Brooklyn boys “placed” with 18%, while Queens “showed” with 13%. Jersey Boys faired pretty well with 9%, the Bronx boys will give a mild cheer for their 6% and Connecticut power brokers will have to live with their 5%. Blame it on Joey Buttafuocco and the Veranzano too, but Long and Staten Islanders rated in the cellar of passion in this survey, garnering only 4% each.
  • Regular Joes Who Light Their Fire? – If they can’t land an A-list celeb, which kind of guy would NYC women turn to ignite their fantasy life? Ladies across the Big Apple would first order up “a fireman” (20%). Then, they’d head downtown and bohemian in their dreams to meet “a musician” (16%) or “an artist” (12%). Another 8% respectively would choose “a poet” and “a supermodel,” while 6% would get kinky during their REM phase with “a pizza delivery boy!” Not surprisingly, politicos rated at the bottom of the pack with only 2% of the tally.
  • Most Exciting or Unusual Venue For A Real-Life Tryst? – The folks in Detroit and Japan will be happy to know that “my boyfriend’s car” is the most exciting place where these respondents have enjoyed a love-clutch (22%). Maybe it’s summer still in the air but 18% answered “the beach,” while 12% confessed to sharing an obsession for passion and cinema by trysting in “a movie theater.” Elders be warned, as 10% confessed to shacking up in “their parents’ bed,” while 9% claimed to have experienced love in “an elevator!” These girls must also be burning more than midnight oil as “my office” was a site for 7%, while “a nightclub” was the choice-cut venue of 6%. The love locales that round out this offbeat list: “museum” (5%), “restaurant” and “hot air balloon” (4% each) and “amusement park ride” (3%).
  • Best Flirting Technique To Reel In A Man? – It’s all in the hands according to the Mag Rack survey with 28% saying “touching his arm” is the best man-catching technique. “Giving him compliments” is the choice for 21%, while 17% are devotees of “the come hither look.” Some women go bare and others go cold shoulder with 14% saying “showing skin” and 13% saying “ignoring him” is the way to drive a man mad with interest. Don’t worry about finances, as only 7% of your Big Apple sisters say “speaking about your large salary or inheritance” is that way to catch a city fella.
  • Celebs They’d Least Want To See Sexed Up In Their Dreams – Sorry Iron Mike Tyson, but you are the persona most non-grata in the sexy dreams of New York women (30%). Left-leaning New York gals may love his politics and movies, but that doesn’t mean they want to open the covers for writer/documentarian Michael Moore (28%). Perhaps it’s the oversized ego and mystery sweep-do, but 18% of NYC women surveyed say Donald Trump is the lothario they’d least like to see crashing their dreams of passion. Perhaps it’s the slightness of stature, but 15% say our otherwise capable Mayor Mike Bloomberg is a no-no for a guest spot in their sexy dreams. And amazingly, 2% had the gall to say that they don’t want Diddy (formerly P. Diddy) in their steamy dreams!

Mag Rack’s “What’s Your Pleasure Survey” was conducted by Mag Rack in tandem with the launch of the new series, Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts.” The 20-part on-demand series is hosted by Regena “Mama Gena” Thomashauer, author of three popular books and a popular series of workshops that teach women to achieve in everywhere from the bedroom to the boardroom by harnessing the power of their pleasure.

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