The Independent Film Channel Presents: HENRY'S FILM CORNER

"Everyone's a Critic – So Why Not Me?"

1st Saturday of Every Month, Midnight ET/9pm PT
10-part Series Begins December 4

Sub-Culture Meets Pop Culture:
Outspoken Host Henry Rollins Invades Hollywood

OK! Listen up! Punk-poet, publisher, performer, self-proclaimed "anti-man" and notorious ragemeister, HENRY ROLLINS serves up a fat slice of subversive and topical discussions, triggered by films, past and present. The frontman for Rollins Band, and formerly for Black Flag, has previously cast his contempt onto critics worldwide — but now he turns the tables. In his classic machine-gun style, Henry tells it like it is:

"Here's the bottom line. Everyone hates a critic, but everyone is a critic, so why not me? I'm no expert on film, I'm no columnist, I'm a guy who likes a good movie and I'm sick and tired of walking out of a theater, being Ben Affleck'd and CGI'd to death, so if you wanna find out about some films you SHOULD see, this is the show for you."

This multi-dimensional review show combines Henry's passion for film and his intellectual yet entertaining reviews with uncensored, no-holds-barred debate about films, celebrities, and social and political issues in America. During each 30-minute episode, Henry interviews a CELEBRITY GUEST from the world of film, television, music and/or comedy, then together they dissect and grade an upcoming theatrical release.

Not to limit the commentary to those who have a privileged view over Hollywood, Henry also invites a surprise guest from his everyday life. What does Raoul, Henry's tough-looking mailman – who avoids horror films and likes a happy ending – think of The Last Samurai? Tune in to find out who he grabs next! At times ferocious, facetious, intolerable, brutal, hysterical, angry and jaded, Henry uses these high-spirited discussions as a springboard to broaden his audience's exposure to the lesser-known documentaries, classics and foreign films that blow his mind.

"Henry's Film Corner can best be described as Ebert & Roeper meets Real Time With Bill Maher," said Debbie DeMontreux, IFC's Vice President, Development and Production. "Henry Rollins is one of the entertainment world's most intriguing personalities. Once again, IFC is providing a voice to individuals who have something to say about film and life in America"

Rollins assures us that Henry's Film Corner will not be some sanitized 'talk show' with polite commentary and everyone trying to be politically correct. He has extremely strong opinions on an extensive list of subjects – so look forward to some in-your-face debates on different issues, including the many things that piss him off!

According to producers Paul J. Morra, Kevin Morra and Rhett Bachner, "We set out to create a series that would stimulate intelligent and entertaining conversation about film. What we love about Henry Rollins is that he is a true film fanatic, equally passionate about the movies he likes and dislikes. His opinions are untainted by outside pressures, and he delivers them in a truly unique and compelling fashion."

Sample segments on Henry's Film Corner are:

TYPECAST examines how ethnic, social and professional groups are portrayed in film. Who better to critique Boogie Nights than three porn stars in tube tops draped across a king-sized bed? How about NRA members on the controversial Bowling for Columbine? Corporate Secretaries on the S&M-themed Secretary? Recovering heroin addicts on Trainspotting?

Henry's intensity as a spoken word artist reaches full-throttle when he tirades about the tyrannies of Hollywood — causing the veins in his temples to near-explode. "Last night, in a willful act of self-abuse, I tortured my pre-frontal cortex with Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines … When you have no plot, you blow up a lot of shit." (from pilot)

Henry offers up a group of films, which will either satisfy a certain mood, help solve a particular problem or simply say, "you are not alone." Smack-bang in the middle of a midlife crisis? Rent American Beauty and Falling Down immediately. Is your boyfriend a total loser? Enjoy watching John Cusack get dumped five times in High Fidelity.

You can see a lot of mediocre films in your life. You can also see some great ones. Rollins recommends films that are off the mainstream radar, but that he thinks viewers SHOULD see.

Tune in to IFC on the first Saturday of every month to find what films and current issues are driving Henry CRAZY and which are driving him WILD.

Rollins first gained fame as lead singer for the band Black Flag in 1981. When the band broke up in 1986, Rollins formed the Rollins Band, with which he has been making records and touring the world ever since. Rollins also owns a publishing company, 2-13-61, which has released more than a dozen books, several CDs and DVDs by Rollins as well as others. In 1995, Rollins won a Grammy Award for best spoken word record "Get in the Van". Always outspoken, Rollins accepts dozens of speaking engagements throughout the year and is known for bringing a raw energy to his talks. Along with band dates, he has averaged over one hundred shows a year for twenty-five years. He has performed in several movies and television shows, and hosts a weekly radio show, Harmony in My Head, on FM103.1 in Los Angeles, CA.

Henry's Film Corner is created and executive produced by Swift River Productions, a film and television production company based in Los Angeles that recently produced "Posse" for MTV. The company's principals are Paul J. Morra, Kevin Morra and Rhett Bachner. Their credits include producer roles on Project Greenlight, The Mole and Bands on the Run, and film work on features such as Titanic, Bowfinger, Six Days Seven Nights and The Peacemaker.

ABOUT DEBBIE DEMONTREUX, executive producer
As Vice President of Production and Development for IFC, Debbie DeMontreux is responsible for discovering and overseeing the development, production and launch of new series and pilots for IFC Television. Most recently, she was responsible for developing Nanette Burstein's Film School, Ultimate Film Fanatic and Rocked With Gina Gershon for IFC, as well as It Factor, Musicians and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy for Bravo, IFC's former sister network. Ms. DeMontreux also oversees the production of live broadcasts such as IFC's coverage of the opening and closing ceremonies for the Cannes Film Festival and the Independent Spirit Awards. Ms. DeMontreux joined Bravo and IFC as a Scheduling Coordinator in 1993, was promoted to Production Coordinator in 1995 and was named Manager, Packaging and Production in 1996. From 1999, she served as Director of Development and Production for The Independent Film Channel and Bravo until NBC's buyout of Bravo in December, 2001.

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