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Acorn TV Sets US Premiere of Swedish Detective Drama on Monday, April 26

Based on Leif GW Persson’s Bestselling Novel, Kan man dö två gånger? (Can You Die Twice?)

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Evert Bäckström (Kjell Bergqvistist, The Wedding Photographer, A Summer Tale) is a respected detective, famed for having an unparalleled world record for solving murder cases. But when a bullet-ridden skull is found in the Swedish archipelago, DNA results confirm it belongs to a victim of Thailand’s 2004 tsunami. Bäckström is faced with an inexplicable mystery that even he could not have imagined: Can you die twice? A thrillingly dark noir, Bäckström is based on the novel Kan man dö två gånger? (Can You Die Twice?) by Leif GW Persson, whose books also inspired the US TV series Backstrom starring Rainn Wilson as the title character.

Streaming in the US and Canada exclusively on Acorn TV, Bäckström premieres Monday, April 26.

Episode Synopses

Episode 1 – The notorious homicide detective Evert Bäckström is visited by his neighbor, a young boy scout named Edvin, who’s made a macabre discovery: a woman’s cranium with a bullet hole. Convinced there’s been a crime, Bäckström opens a murder investigation, which is immediately met with resistance. His superior won’t give him the resources he’s used to, his closest coworker, Ankan Carlsson, is busy with an armored cash transport robbery, and the ice cold Chief Prosecutor Hanna Hwass is trying to take over his investigation. When they finally find out the identity of the woman, Bäckström realizes that this might be the hardest murder mystery he’s ever faced.

Episode 2 – Jaidee seems to have died twice, both at Ofärdsön (Misfortune Island) and during Thailand’s catastrophic 2004 tsunami. Bäckström wants to interrogate her widower Daniel, but Hwass puts a stop to it. The investigative team doubt him as well, but Bäckström remains firm in his belief and continues to follow up on his leads – behind Hwass’ back.

Episode 3 – Bäckström travels to Thailand to dig for clues about the circumstances around Jaidee’s life and death, while the investigative team in Stockholm is following up on another lead. Bäckström starts to doubt himself, until he follows the footsteps of Jaidee and Daniel, and makes discoveries that illuminate what might have happened.

Episode 4 – Bäckström has a theory about what might have happened to Jaidee, but the team remains skeptical and Bäckström can’t prove anything…yet. Meanwhile, on Ankan’s robbery case, her crackdown brings little to no result, and she suspects that someone at the police station might have warned the ring of robbers. When the evidence points to Bäckström, Hwass receives support in her quest to get Bäckström fired.

Episode 5 – Bäckström has been suspended, but can’t stop himself from helping the homicide investigation, now with his young neighbor Edvin in tow. Together they go to the scout camp grounds to confront the scout leader Haqvin, who’s been linked to both Jaidee and the location where her body was hidden.

Episode 6 – Bäckström is heartbroken by a great betrayal, but the case must go on. Important questions are still to be answered. Who killed Jaidee, and why? And if it is possible to die twice, can you live twice as well?

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