VOOM’s Equator HD Captures the Scientific Expedition on the French Island of Clipperton

Co-production Series with GEDEON Programmes slated to premiere in JULY 2006

Series Hosted By Dr. Jean-Louis Etienne

New York, NY – December 5, 2005 – Equator HD, the first high definition channel dedicated to exploring the world’s most intriguing people and places with intelligent travel, nature, and cultural programs, announced today a new half-hour series that examines and explores The Mysteries of Clipperton, a tiny French territory off the coast of Mexico that remains a scientific oddity. The 6-part, half-hour series, and 90 minute special co-produced by Equator HD and the French production company Gedeon Programmes, airs on Equator HD in July of 2006. Equator HD is one of the VOOM HD Networks, the largest and most diverse suite of high-definition channels nationwide and currently available on DISH Network.

The series, hosted by Dr. Jean-Louis Etienne, focuses on forty scientists who embark on an expansive exploration to discover the unique ecosystem in this region. The series explores millions of scarlet crabs that emerge from their holes at dusk, voracious moray eels that bring their hunt onto land, and great sharks that must be tracked down in the ocean depths. The island is also inhabited by a gigantic flock of seabirds. The expedition seeks to answer many questions including how seabirds find their prey in the vastness of the ocean and how they resist the invasion of the crabs. Additionally, the series explores the lagoon at the center of the atoll that has been cut off from the ocean for 150 years as a result of a terrible storm.

“Equator HD looks to explore and document life in every corner of the world,” said William Roberts, VP of Programming for Equator HD. “Now more than ever, in light of the natural disasters plaguing the planet and wholesale destruction of unique natural habitats, it is urgent to analyze the human impact on pristine ecosystems.”

“We are happy to be part of the adventure with EQUATOR HD and are eager to mount new co-productions for such high quality HD programming. ” said Stephane Milliere, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, GEDEON Programmes

Last August, VOOM HD announced its distribution agreement with Echostar Communications to carry ten of the HD channels on its Dish Network, and soon to come in ’06 are more of these special niche offerings. Since the launch, VOOM HD has gone on to produce groundbreaking original HD content for a wide variety of consumer interests ranging from a one-of-a-kind live memorabilia auction on Gallery HD to solidifying an acquisition agreement with Warner Brothers to amass the largest collection of horror films for Monsters HD. Most recently, VOOM HD solidified a co-production deal with Singapore to create mostly nonfiction niche programming. This new announcement for Equator HD confirms VOOM’s commitment to growing and to investing in the brand’s aggressive move into the marketplace.

About GEDEON Programmes
GEDEON Programmes is one of Europe’s leading producers of high-quality television programmes destined for international broadcast. The films cover a wide range of subject material from science, adventure and wildlife to history and culture. GEDEON Programmes has been documenting major scientific expeditions and discoveries in the realms of archaeology and palaeontology as well as producing TV magazines and interactive programmes on various topics.
To date, the company has delivered some 500 hours of films. Headed by Stephane Milliere, Gedeon Programmes is well-established in the international documentary market. The company mounts numerous co-productions with top broadcasters, distributors and production companies throughout the world, such as BBC, Channel 4, Equator HD, WGBH Nova, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, NFB, Radio Canada, ABC, SBS, NHK, RAI, ARD, ZDF etc…
Gedeon’s films have earned recognition in festivals across the globe. In the course of its 10-year history, the company has garnered more than 230 awards.

About Equator HD
EQUATOR HD seeks out the intriguing, captivating and awe-inspiring sights, sounds and stories that define the world’s most unique locations. More than merely a travel channel, EQUATOR HD is an eyewitness to the ceremonies, celebrations and rituals of both man and nature. High-definition delivers stunning colors and rich detail, bringing a new perspective to the viewing experience and ultimately, the imagination.

VOOM HD Networks is the largest suite of high-definition channels available anywhere, produced exclusively in high definition for distribution in the U.S. through satellite and cable operators. The VOOM HD Networks carry programming in categories as diverse as sports, movies, fashion, music and art. Today, the VOOM HD Networks are available nationally on Echostar’s DISH Network. The VOOM HD Networks were developed by Rainbow Media to meet the growing demand for quality high-definition programming, building on Rainbow Media’s history of original programming innovation.

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