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WE tv Transforms the Homes of Hollywood's Rich and Famous in the Zany New Original Series "Designer to the Stars: Kari Whitman" World Premiere Saturday, March 3, 2007 at 10pm ET & PT/9C

Interior Designer and Animal Rights Crusader Kari Whitman Calls All the Shots in Hollywood’s Hottest Homes,

PASADENA, CA JANUARY 12, 2007 – When Hollywood’s elite get ready for demolition and design, there is one woman who always comes to mind – celebrity interior designer Kari Whitman. Beginning March 3, 2007, WE tv chronicles Whitman’s makeover madness when it presents “Designer to the Stars: Kari Whitman.” In eight, 30-minute episodes, follow Kari as she re-imagines and wreaks havoc on the homes of such A-listers as Jessica Alba, Oscar® nominee Virginia Madsen and Kristen Bell in order to make their abodes as glamorous as the inhabitants themselves. Hollywood stars are a demanding bunch. They want the best and Kari is one designer who is even more than demanding than they are! “Designer to the Stars: Kari Whitman” makes its World Premiere Saturday, March 3, 2007 with back-to-back episodes beginning at 10PM ET & PT/9C.

From the very first consultation to the final room reveal, Kari’s passion for perfection, hectic pace and frenetic behavior take center stage. Adding to the pandemonium, Whitman is also a staunch animal activist whose ardor for stray dogs often intermingles with her love of interiors. Whether she’s dealing with design dilemmas, catering to her high-profile clientele, keeping her rotating assistant pool in line or trying to place a rescued dog in the homes of her clients, the magic and mayhem that is Kari Whitman is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats each week.

“I wanted viewers to see the real business of design – not just the before and after, but what goes into the during,” said Whitman. “I think we’ve done a great job poking fun at the whole design process and how the good, the bad and the ugly impacts all of us, even celebrities. That’s the thing about design – it’s the great equalizer.”

Dubbed the “Duchess of Design,” Whitman is a member of the prestigious American Society of Interior Designers and runs Kari Whitman Interiors, a full-service design firm based in Los Angeles. Whitman is also the founder and chief operator of the non-profit organization “Ace of Hearts,” dedicated to rescuing dogs from shelters and placing them into loving homes. Since its inception, “Ace of Hearts” has found homes for well over 1,000 formerly abused and abandoned dogs. She was formerly the host of “Dude Room” on the Discovery Channel, and recently launched her own paint line called Wall Makeup.

Below are episodic descriptions for night one of “Designer To The Stars: The Kari Whitman:”

Episode 1:
In the series premiere, Kari gets a new client. Jessica Alba wants to surprise her parents by remodeling their kitchen, and she hires Kari to design it. It promises to be a big job – almost as big as Kari’s next assignment – to hire a new assistant, to complement her overworked staff of three. The interviews prove to be just as comically painful as Kari imagines – but will she find her dream candidate? Then, it’s off on a shopping excursion, to find the ultimate Italian farm sink for the Alba kitchen. After a day of furniture shopping, Kari (and her beloved canines) unwind with a night on the town and attending a fashion-forward dog show with her best girlfriend. After a night of partying, it’s back to business at the Alba house, where Kari swoons over a handsome young man who drops in for a visit. Oops…is that a wedding ring on his finger? Kari doesn’t want to know!

Episode 2:
Kari’s in the middle of remodeling the kitchen of Jessica Alba’s parents, when she gets an unexpected visit: it’s Jessica, who’s got a surprise in store for the crew. As any good actress knows, the way to any production crew’s heart is through their stomachs. Then, Kari goes off to shop for granite countertops, but before she even makes it into the store, she rushes to the rescue of what appears to be a stray dog in the parking lot. Whoops! Not so fast! The dog has an owner…though he may not be, by the time Kari gets through with him! Her nonstop work schedule finally catches up with Kari, who’s getting run down. She chooses a most unusual get-well remedy, courtesy of a house call from a most unorthodox doctor. Kari can’t afford to get sick and the clock is ticking on the Alba’s kitchen. As the big day arrives, the Alba family gathers en masse to see their brand-new kitchen. It’s time for the big reveal!

For WE tv, Steve Cheskin is the Executive in Charge of Production, Gena McCarthy is the Vice President in Charge of Production and Danielle Ostroske serves as the Producer. “Designer to the Stars: Kari Whitman” is produced by GRB. Gary R. Benz, Brant Pinvidic and Susan Winston are the Executive Producers. The series was created by Kari Whitman and Brant Pinvidic; and Kari Whitman serves as the Producer.

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