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WE: Women’s Entertainment Announces Production of 90-Minute Documentary Tammy Faye: Death Defying

World of Wonder – Award-Winning Production Team Behind Acclaimed Film The Eyes of Tammy Faye – To Produce the Documentary

Original Documentary Examines Tammy Faye’s Battle With Cancer and Road to Recovery

JERICHO, NY, November 29, 2004 – WE: Women’s Entertainment, the cable network devoted entirely to women and their interests, is producing a dramatic 90-minute documentary that explores Tammy Faye’s battle and ultimate survival of inoperable, stage 4 cancer, it was announced today by Roseanne Lopopolo, WE’s Director of Production. Tammy Faye: Death Defying follows Tammy from diagnosis to treatment to her successful cure and offers WE’s viewers a personal look at one woman’s fight to survive. The documentary will air in July 2005.

“Tammy Faye’s style, faith, and humor offer a uniquely dramatic perspective on a difficult topic,” said Lopopolo. “WE is the perfect outlet for Death Defying because, true to Tammy Faye’s personality, WE celebrates every type of woman. This show adds depth and relevance to WE’s already diverse slate of original programming for the coming year. Continuing the production momentum, the network recently announced the renewals of three original series for 2005, including Young, Sexy &…, Full Frontal Fashion and When I Was A Girl.”

Throughout Death Defying, the cameras follow Tammy Faye to countless doctor visits, chemotherapy treatments, visits from friends and family, and quiet moments with her husband of more than 10 years – Roe Messner. Viewers will also observe Tammy’s persistent research of optional remedies, from holistic medicine to newly available traditional therapies supported by her unshakable spiritual connection.

Tammy Faye commented: “When I was diagnosed with cancer I immediately knew that I wanted to share my story with others, especially women. My goal is that other women fighting to survive will find the faith, courage and hope they need to go on from seeing my story.”

Tammy Faye: Death Defying is produced by documentary filmmakers Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato of World of Wonder. The duo recently created and produced the award-winning documentary, The Eyes of Tammy Faye. It was because of her experience with World of Wonder that Tammy agreed for the team to tell yet another of her life’s stories – her struggle to survive a deadly diagnosis of cancer.

“Our film The Eyes Of Tammy Faye revealed the misunderstood person behind the mascara. It’s an honor and a pleasure to work with Tammy again and try to ease the fear and loathing surrounding cancer,” said Randy Barbato.

“Throughout her life Tammy Faye has defied expectations and is making no exceptions when it comes to the subject of death,” added Fenton Bailey.

WE: Women’s Entertainment is a subsidiary of Rainbow Entertainment Services, which also includes AMC and IFC Companies. WE: Women’s Entertainment features the largest collection of women’s interest films, inspiring original series and topical specials. The network is currently available in over 56 million homes.

World of Wonder (www.worldofwonder.net) is an award-winning production company based in both Los Angeles and London, and best known for award-winning films and documentaries such as THE EYES OF TAMMY FAYE, PARTY MONSTER (both Sundance Film Festival favorites) and SHOWBIZ MOMS AND DADS on Bravo. World of Wonder has also produced and created documentaries and series for Court TV, AMC, MTV, A&E and BBC, Channel 4 and ITV.

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