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WE: Women's Entertainment Asks New York Singles to Kiss & Tell

Reality dating show, examining Manhattan's diverse social
circles and dating rituals, premieres Monday, September 26 at 10pm ET

Discover what really goes on in the mind of the opposite sex-
before, during and after a date!

JERICHO, NY, August 29, 2005 – WE: Women's Entertainment premieres it's latest reality dating show Kiss & Tell, Monday, September 26 at 10:00pm ET (7:00pm PT). From the Park Avenue Princess to the Lower East Side bartender, this nine-part series follows the dating lives of New York's sexy singles crowd and gives viewers a look inside the minds of men and women navigating the tricky waters of courtship.

It's the most difficult dating scene in America, but 12 men and women are braving the Manhattan social circuit in hopes of finding the right mate, or at least right now. Each episode reveals a new set of real dating experiences from the hottest night spots in the city that never sleeps. Find out who's datable and who's not, which gender has the dating advantage and how far men vs. women will go on the first date. From the hottest restaurants to the trendiest bars, WE hits the streets of New York to find out what it takes to make it in the Big Apple's dating scene.

Kiss & Tell Singles:

NICOLE: The Park Avenue Princess
Blond bombshell Nicole spends the majority of her workday caring for nails, caring for her skin, caring for her hair, and caring for her two little dogs. After a number of less than successful attempts at finding that special someone, she'll eventually meet a man through an Internet matchmaking service. As they continue to date, she eventually finds herself falling deeply in love?there may even be a proposal of marriage in the cards!

MICHAEL: The Researcher/Scientist
A self-proclaimed man-with-a-plan, Michael is an ambitious 26-year-old who made a major scientific discovery and co-founded a Biotech Company with goals of curing heart disease. Michael is as motivated in his love life as he is in his career. He's looking for all-around perfection and unwilling to settle for less. Can the rationale and logic that has brought him such success in the field of science now help him to find love in the dating world?

ERIC, JOHN and JAMES: The Dukes of Manhattan
Recent graduates of Duke University, Eric, John, and James are bachelors that share an apartment in Manhattan's trendy Murray Hill. These guys work hard in the daytime, so they can party hard into the night. Over our season, they'll visit (and re-visit) various girls, relationships, nightclubs, and other New York hot spots.

ELIZABETH: The Bartender
As a Bartender at a popular watering hole on the lower eastside, Elizabeth has her hand on the pulse of New York's nightlife underground. She's searching for a serious, special guy to grow old with. But, until that special someone comes along, she doesn't shy away from keeping herself satisfied. Before our series is over, Elizabeth will find herself in the arms of a number of men and maybe even a few women.

TRIP: The Portfolio Manager
Trip works as a portfolio manager in Manhattan's financial district. But, when night falls and he steps out on the town, he goes from being a player on Wall Street to a player in Manhattan's single scene. Trip is always on the prowl for fresh commodities and, while he's open to the possibility of a long-term investment, he's not above a little day trading until the right opportunity comes along.

TIFFANI, EJ and VONDECARLO: The Triple Threat
Tiffani is an elementary schoolteacher by day, bikini fashion model by night; Vondecarlo is an actress, while EJ is a working singer/songwriter. While they share common professional interests, these ladies couldn't be any more different in their search for love. Tiffani is an aggressive, independent woman who is eager for a man to fill the 10-karat vacancy on her left ring finger. Vondecarlo is tired of players and is quick to cut potential suitors from the game. EJ finds herself walking a fine line between business and pleasure as the professional relationship with her business manager turns to a passionate and physical one.

JOCELYN: The Show-Busy Girl
A true Texas rose, Jocelyn prides herself on her motivation and her jack-of-all-trades philosophy. She acts, models, sings, produces, writes, directs. But, just as Jocelyn plans a career move to Los Angeles, a wonderful and handsome man enters her dating life. As the day of her departure to Los Angeles approaches, time is running out. For once in her life, is she really ready to place her career ambitions on the backburner for a chance at real love?

FRANK: The Heir
Frank DiMaggio, a relative to baseball legend Joe DiMaggio, juggles the rigorous demands of a medical profession, a modeling career, and a weighty social agenda that includes lavish excursions with a handful of beautiful ladies and outrageous nights out on the town with the boys. Can one man juggle so many beautiful women or will his dawg-like behavior eventually catch up to him?

Kiss & Tell is a production of Octagon Television and has a television rating of TV-14: D,L.

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