WE: Women’s Entertainment Premieres ‘ Journey Women Off the Map,’ a New Reality-Based Series Featuring Ordinary Women on Extraordinary Expeditions

Travel Series Premieres Tuesday, February 22nd at 8 PM (ET)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, November 29, 2000 – If you’re a woman who dreams of leaving it all behind, WE: WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT has the answer. You won’t need a passport, sturdy shoes or even vacation time to experience the getaway dreams of a lifetime. You can just vicariously experience the daring solo sojourns taken by adventurous women of all ages in the network’s new reality travel-themed series, JOURNEY WOMEN OFF THE MAP, premiering Thursday, February 22 at 8:00 PM (ET).

“JOURNEY WOMEN OFF THE MAP marries the appeal of two winning concepts — reality programming and the fantasy getaway,” said Martin von Ruden, Senior Vice President and General Manager. “It has a bit of ‘Survivor’ in it, but also something far deeper, the spiritual element of woman involved in an experience of self-discovery.”

The half-hour weekly series on WE: WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT is made exclusively for women who understand that it’s not the destination, but the
journey that’s most important. The sites are sometimes secondary to the
transformation that takes place in the soul when you’re off alone seeing the world. During each episode, JOURNEY WOMEN OFF THE MAP spotlights the changes that take place as one woman leaves her ordinary life behind to trek alone to one of the world’s most remote and extraordinary ports of call.

The premiere season of JOURNEY WOMEN OFF THE MAP chronicles the great escapes of 13 women who do everything from venture onto moving icebergs in Greenland to joining ritual dancers in Haiti, to canoeing down jungle rivers in Sri Lanka. The series will air every Thursday at 8:00 PM (ET).

WE: WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT is a service of AMC Networks which includes American Movie Classics, the premiere movie network featuring award-winning original productions and American Pop!, the first digital entertainment network to offer unified content for the web and digital cable platforms. WE: WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT features a mix of popular films, original series and topical specials all relating to women.


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