WE: Women’s Entertainment Presents’14 Karat Comedy’ In Celebration Of Valentines Day

PASADENA, CA – WE: WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT takes a light-hearted look at love this Valentine’s Day when the network (formerly Romance Classics) presents “14 Karat Comedy,” a comedy movie every night at 9pm from February 1st through February 14. As part of the network’s annual Valentine’s Day celebration, WE will offer viewers a unique “Watch and Win” sweepstakes opportunity to win a 14-karat gold diamond tennis bracelet courtesy of ZALES jewelers. Viewers will be asked to call the toll-free number shown during that night’s film and one lucky winner per night will be picked at random.

WE offers the perfect blend of love and laughter with Hollywood’s hottest stars including Whoopi Goldberg, Kevin Kline, Nicolas Cage, Barbra Streisand and Matthew Broderick.
The light-hearted lineup of love includes:

February 1 Micki & Maude

starring Dudley Moore & Amy Irving

This heartwarming comedy stars Dudley Moore as a hapless soul with a pregnant wife – as well as a pregnant girlfriend!

February 2 Pete ‘n’ Tillie

starring Walter Matthau & Carol Burnett

Walter Matthau, the eternal bachelor, woos and eventually marries Carol Burnett – that’s when the melodrama really begins.

February 3 Young Frankenstein

starring Gene Wilder & Teri Garr

In this Mel Brooks parody, Dr. Frankenstein’s grandson, after years of living down the family reputation, inherits grandfather’s castle and repeats the experiments with hysterical results.

February 4 Key Exchange

starring Ben Masters & Brooke Adams

Ben Masters plays a neurotic New Yorker who exchanges apartment keys with Brooke Adams but can’t completely commit to her.

February 5 How to Marry a Millionaire

starring Marilyn Monroe & William Powell

Marilyn is joined by Betty Grable and Lauren Bacall in the tale of three man-hunting females who pool resources to ensnare eligible bachelors.

February 6 The World’s Greatest Lover

starring Gene Wilder & Carol Kane

Set in 1920’s Hollywood, and inspired by Fellini’s “The White Sheik,” this comedy stars Wilder screen-testing as new movie sheik and Carol Kane deserting him for a real-life Valentino.

February 7 All Night Long

starring Gene Hackman & Barbra Streisand

Dealing with a mid-life crisis, and his depressing job as manager of an all-night drugstore, the married Gene Hackman begins an affair with Barbra Streisand, his neighbor’s wife.

February 8 Move Over, Darling

starring Doris Day & James Garner

Doris Day stars as a women, who is presumed dead. She returns from a long desert sojourn to find her husband remarried and all involved are forced to deal with the consequences.

February 9 Valley Girl

starring Nicolas Cage & Deborah Foreman

Julie, from the Valley, meets Randy, a punk from the city. Although they are from different worlds, they fall in love and try to stay in love despite the obstacles they face.

February 10 The Night We Never Met

starring Matthew Broderick & Annabella Sciorra

This romantic comedy stars Broderick and Sciorra, along with Kevin Anderson as New York City yuppies who share the same apartment on alternate days, and find their lives intertwined.

February 11 The Out-of-Towners

starring Jack Lemmon & Sandy Dennis

This Neil Simon comedy tells the story of a married couple for whom everything goes wrong on a trip to New York.

February 12 Moon Over Parador

starring Richard Dreyfuss & Sonia Braga

An American actor portrays a deceased Latin American dictator. Reluctant at first, he eventually begins to enjoy the charade, and his sexy companion.

February 13 Same Time, Next Year

starring Alan Alda & Ellen Burstyn

Alda and Burstyn play an adulterous couple who share one romantic weekend a year for 26 years. This warm human comedy drama reflects changes in American life over the decades.

February 14 Soapdish

starring Sally Field & Kevin Kline

Farcical comedy about a soap opera queen who is losing her grip – on her show and on her life.

WE: WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT is a service of AMC Networks which includes American Movie Classics, the premiere movie network featuring award-winning original productions and American Pop!, the first digital entertainment network to offer unified content for the web and digital cable platforms. WE: WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT features a mix of popular films., original series and topical specials all relating to women.


Annmarie Volz/Stephanie DeCanditis

Lynn Weiss/Fenot Tekle