WE: Women’s Entertainment Signs Carriage Agreements With Adelphia And Charter Communications

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, November 29, 2000 – WE: WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT has signed carriage agreements with two top MSOs to add the cable network to systems across the country, it was announced today by Kim Martin, Executive Vice President of Distribution and Affiliate Marketing, AMC Networks. Adelphia and Charter Communications will roll out WE: WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT, formerly Romance Classics, to approximately 10 million homes.

“Charter recognizes how valuable women are as consumers and that by satisfying their programming needs we are helping to build our business,” stated Patty McCaskill, Vice President of Programming, Charter Communications. “WE: WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT fulfills its promise as a network that truly addresses what women want from television.”

Adelphia has committed to launch WE: WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT across 80% of the entire MSO. Charter Communications has already begun adding WE: WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT to systems representing over 3.2 million subscribers.

“These MSOs recognize the need to provide quality programming for women, the most powerful and influential consumer group in the country,” said Martin. “Adelphia and Charter have been supportive partners in the name change, rebranding and evolution of the network.”

WE: WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT is a service of AMC Networks which includes American Movie Classics, the premier movie network featuring
award-winning original productions and American Pop!, the first digital entertainment network to offer unified content for the web and digital cable platforms. WE: WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT features a mix of popular films, original series and topical specials all relating to women.


Jennifer Geisser/Annmarie Volz


Lynn Weiss/Fenot Tekle