“When Movies Attack”

Premieres on AMC on Saturday, January 12

JERICHO, N.Y., January 9, 2002 – Giant Preying Mantis Eats New York! Angry Octopus Gets Revenge! Mother Nature Strikes Back! See all this – and more! – when AMC presents the "When Movies Attack" festival on Saturday, January 12. The line-up of five films and an original AMC documentary includes TENTACLES, starring Henry Fonda and Shelly Winters; FROGS, with Ray Milland and Joan Van Ark; and TARANTULA, featuring John Agar and Leo G. Carroll.

"When Movies Attack" starts at 1:00 PM (ET) with EARTH VS. THE SPIDER (1958). A giant arachnid put on display in the high school gym comes back to life. June Kenney and Eugene Persson co-star. Next, at 2:30 PM (ET), a larger-than-life preying mantis threatens to bring down New York City in THE DEADLY MANTIS (1957), starring Craig Stevens and William Hopper.

In TARANTULA (1955), airing at 4:00 PM (ET), a gigantic spider is on the prowl after it ingests scientist Leo G. Carroll's experimental growth formula. John Agar and Mara Corday co-star. (Also at 2:15 AM). Following, at 5:30 PM (ET) Leonard Nimoy narrates an original AMC documentary on the making of THE FLY and its sequels in THE FLY PAPERS: THE BUZZ ON HOLLYWOOD'S SCARIEST INSECT (2000). Film clips and interviews with cast and crew bring a new perspective to this sci-fi film franchise.

At 6:35 PM (ET), an enraged, oversized octopus wreaks havoc on a seaside town after Henry Fonda builds a tunnel through its home in TENTACLES (1977). Shelley Winters and John Huston co-star. (Also at 12:30 AM). "When Movies Attack" concludes at 8:15 PM (ET) with FROGS (1972), as revenge-seeking frogs besiege Ray Milland's swampy estate in the bayou after years of insecticides and other pollutants take their toll. Sam Elliott and Joan Van Ark co-star.

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