Who Do You Love” Who Do You Hate” The Time Has Come To…Dedicate Live!

MuchMusic USA Premiers Dedicate Live! on Valentine’s Day

New Video Request Show Provides True Alternative to TRL, by Giving Viewers a Voice

New York, NY – February 4, 2002 – The era of conformity, false promises of programming power, and selective viewer participation is over! MusicMusic USA, the nation’s only viewer-driven all music network, announced today that on Valentines Day, Thursday, February 14th at 5:30 PM ET, it will premier its new live music request show entitled Dedicate Live! Using the power of the World Wide Web, the show will provide an alternative to MTV’s TRL, by giving ALL viewers the opportunity to participate, dedicate and control programming.

“Dedicate Live! is about connecting viewers to music, not connecting them to products,” stated MuchMusic USA President, Marc Juris. “We wanted to create a show that gives people across the country a true voice.

MuchMusic USA believes that an all request live music program should be powered by the people, not a lucky few,” added Juris. “Its time for a live request music program to be about the music. Unlike other shows, we pledge to not put just bits and pieces of music videos on air, but rather run songs from the beginning to end, the way music is meant to be played.”

This daily half-hour program, will run Monday-Thursday, 5:30 – 6:00 PM ET and lets viewers dedicate music videos to those they love — and those they hate. Starting at 5:00 PM each Monday – Thursday, viewers will log on to the MuchMusic USA Web site at www.mmusa.tv to start sending in their dedications. Through cutting-edge Web technology, any viewer will have the power to make text dedications and music video requests through their own computers, which will be immediately forwarded to MuchMusic USA and, in real time, telecast live nationwide.

Submitting dedications online is easy:

1.) Viewers log on to www.mmusa.tv
2.) They click to Dedicate Live!
3.) Type in their dedication
4.) Choose the music video they would like to have played with the dedication
5.) Select whether they Love or Hate the dedicatee
6.) If they would like a response to the dedication, users may include the email address of the dedicatee

To spice things up, MuchMusic USA will notify the dedicatee automatically by email that someone has dedicated a video to them. The dedicatee can then reply via email with their own request. The replies will be played on air. MuchMusic USA will play as many dedications and replies they can fit over each video.

In the coming months, MuchMusic USA will expand its use of the technology used for Dedicated Live!, with plans to allow viewers the opportunity to go beyond the text message and actually upload their own voices on air. For more information on this technology and the web component of the show, web users may go to www.mmusa.tv.


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