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Who Said the Grass is Greener on the Other Side” Parents Hand Off Their Kids to a Single Friend in 'Take My Kids, Please,' a New Weekly Reality Series on WE: Women's Entertainment

Watch the Mayhem and Anxiety that Ensue When Singles Attempt Parenthood
While Parents Rekindle The Romance. Series Premieres October 8, 2004 at 10 PM (ET)

JERICHO, New York, July 15, 2004 – Even the most devoted parents long for a break from their kids. And even the most well adjusted singles desire having a family every now and then. To demonstrate the crazy possibilities of swapping scenarios, WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT will premiere 'TAKE MY KIDS, PLEASE!' The half-hour weekly reality series hosted by comedian Trish Suhr ("Gamers") premieres October 8 at 10 PM (ET) and runs for 13 episodes.

"'TAKE MY KIDS, PLEASE!' was created for parents who are constantly multi-tasking – whether it's taking the kids to soccer practice or music lessons, going to work or going grocery shopping – parents rarely have time for each other," said Jeff Eisenberg, who created the series and serves as Executive Producer and Vice President of Production for WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT. "The show is giving these dedicated parents a chance to spend a weekend away to rekindle their romance and not worry about the kids – the top priority on most couples' wish lists."

In each episode, parents are given the opportunity to be whisked away on a much needed and well-deserved romantic retreat while an inexperienced single friend or relative is left behind to become instant "soccer mom." Naturally, anxiety befalls the parents during their brief sabbatical from the children as they share quality time together at an exciting and intimate travel destination. But it is in witnessing their unsuspecting babysitters experience the trials, tribulations, and surprising joys of parenthood that give the reality series its quotient of fun and hilarious moments – situations that only unscripted, real life can provide.

Series host Trish Suhr is a multi-talented comedian and actress. She has hosted other programs including "Newsblast" and "Reel Review" and is currently hosting "Gamers" on the National Lampoon Network. As a professional stand-up comedian, she performed at The Laugh Factory, The Improv and The Comedy Store. She appeared in several television series including "Charmed," "Days of Our Lives" and in the films "Spiral" directed by Jeff Nicholson and Sam Raimi's "The Quick and the Dead."

TAKE MY KIDS, PLEASE! is created and executive produced by Jeff Eisenberg, Vice President of Production for WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT. PIE TOWN Productions produced the special. Executive Producers are Tara Sandler, Jennifer Davidson and Scott Templeton. Supervising Producer is Lesley Taylor Mayer. Field Producers are Susan Hull and Roberta White. Segment Producer is Victoria Valentine. Associate Producer is Robyn Huddleston. Writer is Gary Benthin.

WE: Women's Entertainment is a subsidiary of Rainbow Entertainment Services, which also includes AMC and IFC Companies. WE: Women's Entertainment features the largest collection of women's interest films, inspiring original series and topical specials. The network is currently available in over 55 million homes.

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