Wild Women Filmmakers Roar on American Movie Classics

BETHPAGE, New York, – In recognition of the important work of early women filmmakers, AMERICAN MOVIE CLASSICS will celebrate the incredible, but largely forgotten work of these pioneers. On Tuesday, May 30 seven rarely seen films will air, following the premiere of the one-hour original special, REEL MODELS: THE FIRST WOMEN OF FILM. The festival begins at 9:00 PM and features the work of Alice Guy, Lois Weber, Frances Marion, Elaine May and Joan Harrison.

AMC’s seven-picture film festival will showcase a range of films that exhibit the incredible influences of these unsung cinema heroes. AMC will open the festival at 9:00 PM with A NEW LEAF (1971). Written/directed by and starring Elaine May, the film features Walter Matthau as a relentless playboy on a mission to marry a rich, dimwitted woman and murder her for her fortune. Following at 11:00 PM is NOCTURNE (1946); a film noir produced by Joan Harrison starring George Raft and Lynn Baria, it’s the story of a cynical police lieutenant who is convinced a reported suicide is actually a murder.

AMC’s salute to women filmmakers from the early days of cinema continues with three rarely seen silent shorts made by Alice Guy, Lois Weber and Frances Marion. At 12:30 AM, the network presents ALGIE THE MINER (1912), a comedic western directed by Alice Guy that served as one of the earliest depictions of gay lifestyles in cinema. Then at 12:45 AM, the work of writer/director Lois Weber, HOW MEN PROPOSE (1913), tells a humorous story of three male roommates who discover they’d all proposed to the same woman who’d accepted all three offers. Following at 1:00 AM
is the silent adaptation of Eleanor Potter’s book POLLYANNA (1920). Starring Mary Pickford and written by Frances Marion, this popular film tells the tale of a delightful girl who smiles through adversity and brings cheer to the irritable old aunt who takes her in when she becomes orphaned.

Following an encore presentation of REEL WOMEN: WOMEN IN FILM at 2:00 AM, Lois Weber’s controversial film THE HYPOCRITES (1915) will air at 4:45 AM. Considered one of boldest films of its era, THE HYPOCRITES was an indictment of political corruption, the church and the business world. Wrapping-up the festival, AMC presents THE SEWER (1911) at 5:30 AM. This Alice Guy directed film was seen as one of the earliest examples of film noir.

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